Are Your Enlarged Pores Causing You Grief?


Enlarged pores don’t go away on their own and are nearly impossible to treat without specialized intervention. If you’re bound by genetics to have a larger pore size than most, there are preventative options you can take to improve your skin’s health. Men and women who already suffer from this bothersome irregularity can quickly tackle the problem with a variety of minimally-invasive treatment solutions.

What are the Treatment Options for Enlarged Pores?

At Best Self Medical Arts, we’re seeing exceptional results with non-ablative Halo treatments when it comes to pore size and skin texture. Halo treatments are great for deep dermal penetration and boosting total skin health. Patients can maximize results with fewer treatments when opting for non-ablative laser treatments.

Consultations Available For Patients With Large Pores

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Are Halo Treatments Painful?

Most patients tolerate the treatment quite well after the application of a topical anesthetic. Advanced non-ablative wavelengths allow Halo to penetrate the skin’s surface without breaking the skin or harming surrounding tissue. You may experience some warming during the procedure and tenderness several hours afterward. A cooling compress should be enough to keep you comfortable post-treatment.

What Results Can I Expect?

While your skin may look firmer and appear tighter almost immediately, an optimal outcome can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks as collagen levels are boosted. You can expect smoother skin, smaller pore size, and an improvement in skin quality. Some patients can achieve desired results with just one aggressive Halo session. However, most men and women need two or more treatments to get the most out of non-ablative lasers.
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*Individual results may vary.

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