Sunspots, freckles and other hyperpigmentation problems start to rear their ugly head about 20-years after that damage has already been done. Many men and women see the effects of their days of fun in the sun as early as their mid-30s. Unfortunately, pigmented lesions are progressive and only worsen with age. But, there is hope!

At Best Self Medical Arts, we’re seeing exceptional results with BBL™ Forever Corrective when it comes to pigmented lesions of all types. Patients love the restorative effects that come with the non-surgical procedure.

BBL™ Forever Corrective Camarillo

How Does BBL™ Forever Corrective Work?

BBL™ Forever Corrective is an advanced form of BroadBand Light technology. The treatment uses short pulses of targeted wavelengths to break down and diminish dark pigmentation within the skin. Surrounding tissue remains unharmed. Eventually, damaged cells are reabsorbed into the body leaving you with a clear complexion.

Treatments are done in-office and typically take just 30-minutes per zone. The non-surgical procedure doesn’t require any downtime making it perfect for patients with busy lifestyles. You’ll be able to get back to your day-to-day activities directly after treatment with very few side effects.

What Results Will I See?

Results from BBL™ Forever Corrective treatments are gradual and continuous. Treated lesions will first darken before the superficial layers of pigmented skin begin to flake off. The process can take anywhere from 7-10 days depending on the treatment area and the severity of your concerns. Over time, your body will naturally reabsorb deeper pigmentation problems.

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While one treatment may be enough to reduce the appearance of mild hyperpigmentation, most patients need a series of treatments to achieve desired results. BBL™ Forever Corrective is a total skin rejuvenation treatment that also helps improve lax skin while also softening unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Patients can prolong the outcome of their procedure and prevent the need for future treatments by minimizing sun exposure. However, maintenance treatments can safely be done as needed.

Is BBL™ Forever Corrective Right for You?

BBL™ Forever Corrective is the ideal treatment for men and women who want a non-invasive procedure that can reduce the appearance of pigmented lesions on the face, neck, chest, or hands. BBL™ treatments are safe and effective for nearly all skin types, textures, and tones. During your in-person consultation, Dr. Cheryl Geer will customize a treatment plan based on your ultimate goals.

Dr. Geer is so kind and compassionate and her staff is the same. I felt completely taken care of from start to finish. The results have been amazing and everyone keeps asking me what I did to my face! Now I’m going to do my stretch marks!

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