How Can I Tighten My Skin Without Surgery?


Sagging skin is one of the most frustrating side effects of rapid weight loss or losing skin elasticity due to natural aging. Tightening your skin at Best Self Medical Arts can make you look younger and healthier. Thanks to SkinTyte procedures, it is possible to gain a professional transformation without the need for surgery.

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What is SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is a non-invasive alternative to skin tightening surgery. It uses infrared light technology to activate increased natural collagen production, which helps the skin tighten to remove the visible presence of sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The skin rejuvenation procedure can be used on the face, arms, neck, thighs, abdomen, and any other body part that has been impacted by the signs of aging or significant body transformations. It is a style of treatment that Dr. Cheryl Geer has championed for many years due to its safety, efficiency, and affordability.

How Does SkinTyte Work?

All SkinTyte procedures can be tailored to suit all skin types. One of the many benefits gained from choosing this treatment is that sessions can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, although it does depend on the anatomical location and size of the area to be treated.

The process itself delivers pulses of infrared light to heat up the dermal layers deep below the skin’s surface. This subsequently accelerates new collagen production and creates new elastin fibers, leaving patients with firm, refreshed, and younger-looking skin that is free from sagging and related blemishes.

SkinTyte is an FDA-approved procedure that uses a cooling gel to support the surrounding skin of the treatment area. When completed by an experienced specialist, like Dr. Geer, the procedure brings great results with no side effects or downtime.

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How Many SkinTyte Treatments Will I Need?

While a SkinTyte treatment will deliver some immediate improvements, the best results are seen after a few weeks as the new collagen needs time to actively tighten the skin. Therefore, the majority of patients will find that multiple sessions should be used during the treatment period. Dr. Geer suggests that five sessions is usually suitable for complete skin rejuvenation, but some individuals will find that they need even fewer.

Several factors will influence the decision, including your age, severity of sagging, and desired levels of improvement. Personal budgets must also be respected. However, the sessions are quick while the use of Pronox can remove any anxiety felt during your visit, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Am I a Candidate for SkinTyte?

If you desire tighter, younger-looking skin and want to avoid surgery, SkinTyte treatments at Best Self Medical Arts are the answer. Whether it’s combatting the signs of aging, removing the appearance of acne scars, or improving your range of movement, skin rejuvenation in this manner is ideal. The collagen production continues for roughly three months, and the results will be noticed for even longer.

The fact that your body’s natural collagen production increases can potentially improve skin tightness and slow the signs of aging for life.

Dr. Geer is the best doctor! I drive more than an hour to see her and it is worth it! Having her as a doctor has been live changing. She treats the whole person and sends the time to get real understanding before making suggestions. She treats my mom and sister too and I would recommend her to anyone. -CM, Happy Patient

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