Microneedling is a highly-popular treatment that’s been all over the media lately. From Hollywood starlets to the girl next door, it seems like everyone is benefiting from the procedure, and you can too! A Vampire Facial® is an advanced version of microneedling that allows patients to get the results they want with minimal pain, side effects, or downtime.

Dr. Cheryl Geer routinely performs the procedure for patients seeking total facial rejuvenation. A Vampire Facial® is the ideal treatment option for men and women preparing for a big event but also makes a great preventative care treatment. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your Vampire Facial® procedure.

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What Is Treatment Like?

Vampire Facials® are done with a simple three-step process. Most patients find the procedure to be an enjoyable spa-like experience. Here’s what will happen;

  • Blood Draw: After a quick draw, your blood will be sent to our lab for isolation. Our skilled technicians will separate and prepare valuable platelets, stem cells, and other growth factors into a PRP serum.
  • Advanced Microneedling: While the PRP serum is being prepared, your skin care specialist will perform a microneedling procedure that creates tiny punctures at precise depths. The advanced microneedling techniques allow your PRP serum to penetrate more deeply.
  • PRP Placement: Once prepared, the PRP solution will be topically applied to the entire face.

Although there is technically no downtime needed with a Vampire Facial®, we recommend leaving your PRP mask on at least 12-24 hours post-treatment for maximum results. Your skin care specialist will instruct you on when and how to best remove your mask at home.

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How Does A Vampire Facial® Improve Skin?

Vampire Facials® are designed to work on both short and long-term levels. The microneedling aspect of the procedure helps stimulate faster cellular turnover for a gorgeous glow just a few days post-treatment. The procedure also helps enhance long-lasting collagen production and reformation.

With regular Vampire Facial® treatments, patients can improve their overall skin tone and texture. Treatments trigger additional collagen and elastin which can slow the aging process.

Is A Vampire Facial Right for You?

The Vampire Facial® is safe and effective for almost all skin types and has less downtime than traditional microneedling. The procedure might be a good fit for you if you’re looking to improve overall complexion issues. An in-person consultation with Dr. Geer can help determine what cosmetic treatment(s) will give you the greatest benefit.

Dr. Geer is so kind and compassionate and her staff is the same. I felt completely taken care of from start to finish. The results have been amazing and everyone keeps asking me what I did to my face! Now I’m going to do my stretch marks!

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