Acne scars can be as emotionally damaging as they are physical. The dark or pitted marks left behind after acne act as a constant reminder of old breakouts and embarrassing moments in our past. While unwanted acne scars can sometimes fade on their own, the damaged skin never fully recovers on its own.

That’s why Best Self Medical Arts uses non-ablative Halo laser treatments for acne scar reduction. Halo is a minimally-invasive procedure that produces exceptional patient outcomes with little to no downtime.

*Individual Results May Vary

How Do Halo Laser Treatments Work for Acne Scars?

Halo uses advanced fractional wavelengths to gently resurface the topmost layers of dull, damaged skin. The fresh layers of skin are brought forward and the body’s natural self-healing process is triggered. Halo laser treatments are highly customizable and can be adjusted according to your individual needs and goals.

Your in-office procedure is done by Dr. Geer herself ensuring an optimal outcome each and every time. Halo treatments are typically quick, easy, and pain-free thanks to dynamic thermal optimization. You may feel a slight warming or tingling sensation throughout the 30-60 minute procedure. These side effects should subside within several hours following your procedure.

Recovery & Results from Acne Scar Treatments

Recovery times can vary depending on the depth of your laser treatment. In many cases, there isn’t any downtime involved after your procedure. You’ll likely be able to return to most normal day-to-day activities with minimal restrictions such as avoiding excessive sun exposure. Dr. Geer will advise you on how you can help facilitate a smooth recovery from your Halo treatment.

Halo Non-Ablative Laser Consultations Available


Most patients report smoother feeling skin immediately following treatment. Acne scars are typically lighter and less pitted directly after Halo procedures. As collagen and elastin renewal occurs over several months, scars will generally lighten further and eventually fade. Once treated scars are gone, they’re unable to return on their own. Maintaining a healthy skin care regimen can prevent the need for further treatments.

Is Halo Right for You?

You may be a good candidate for non-ablative Halo treatments if you’re not seeing the results you want with over-the-counter products alone. Halo laser treatments can give men and women with acne scars the best of both worlds – dramatic, long-lasting results with minimal downtime. However, Halo laser treatments are just one of many ways you can fade your acne scars.

Dr. Geer will assess your individual concerns at the time of your in-person consultation and customize a treatment plan to help you meet your short and long-term goals. In some cases, Dr. Geer may suggest pairing several options for treating deeper acne scars. Whatever your aesthetic goals may be, Best Self Medical Arts is here to help.

I did this as a gift for myself. I wasn’t sure how much it would improve anything. I was pleasantly surprised by my results. It actually removed most of my puppet lines. I didn’t realize how bad my face was until after I saw the before and after pictures. I highly recommend this procedure it is well worth the money.

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*Individual results may vary.