The O-Shot® is an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) used to rejuvenate the vagina. While an injection to that area might sound painful, it really isn’t as painful as you might think. Most patients report feeling a slight prick or some stinging but nothing more. This is great news for any woman who wants to see improvements in their sex life!

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How To Prepare For An O-Shot®

The O-Shot® is a non-surgical procedure, so there isn’t a lot of preparation involved. You don’t need to fast for 12 hours nor anything else of the sort. You also don’t need to come in earlier for your doctor to prepare anything, either. Everything will be done during a quick in-office appointment. Once you arrive at Best Self Medical Arts and get comfortable in the clinic chair, you’ll have numbing cream applied to the vaginal area. 

What To Expect During

After the numbing cream has done its work, your doctor will start creating a PRP-filled mixture. They will draw your blood and use a centrifuge to separate it from the PRP that they need for the rejuvenating procedure. The vaginal area will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Then the PRP will be injected back into your vaginal area. The procedure takes about an hour.

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Recovering After An O-Shot®

One of the most attractive parts of an O-Shot® is minimal downtime and recovery time. Directly after the treatment, you can expect to feel very sensitive and see a voluminizing effect that lasts for about a week. You will be provided with a numbing cream to use after the procedure to help you recover quicker.

Although it’s recommended to avoid touching the area directly after the procedure, this can be difficult. Sexual activity can resume after about 4 hours, although this might be longer depending on the patient. Some patients also report pain or discomfort with wiping after using the bathroom. Your vagina will be recovered completely in about a week.

What To Expect After The O-Shot® 

The O-Shot® was designed to deal with female sexual dysfunction. Women who are suffering from lack of orgasm or less than pleasurable sex choose to get the O-Shot® and have reported fantastic results. The O-Shot® works as it focuses on stimulating stem cells, collagen, and blood vessels around the vaginal area. 

This allows for more blood flow to the area resulting in more frequent and more intense orgasms, better lubrication, and improved sexual experiences in general. You can expect these results to last about 1-2 years. Maintenance sessions are also available.

My experience with Dr. Geer was amazing. She is so personable, informed, and engaged with patients. She genuinely seemed interested in getting to know me and went through my entire chart with me, making notes and getting clarifications. This is so rare these days, and with other doctors, I’ve had to reiterate information I had just written because they didn’t review it before meeting me. Dr. Geer is a 10/10 doctor, and I’ve already recommended her to several women in my network.

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