What Causes Large Pores & How to Treat Them


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have glowing skin? You’re not alone. For most of us, the pores on our skin are nothing more than a stubborn nuisance that we can do without. While there’s no instant fix for smooth, flawless skin, there are steps we can take to make our pores smaller. At Best Self Medical Arts, we’ve got several options when it comes to non-invasive pore reduction.

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What Causes My Large Pores?

Age, genetics, gender, oil production, and UV damage are some factors that cause large pores. The excess sebum and sweat your skin produces can also lead to large, noticeable pores.

Contrary to popular belief, our pores don’t open and close. Traditional methods that “open up” our pores like steaming works by loosening up the skin. This helps us extract impurities like blackheads and comedones beneath the skin.

How Can I Treat Large Pores?

It’s important to take good care of our pores because they won’t ever go away – we need pores on our skin to allow oil and sweat to leave our bodies. With the right treatment plan, Dr. Geer can make unwanted pores less noticeable and help you attain perfect skin.

Halo Non-Ablative Treatments

Many people are worried about using lasers to combat large pores because they think lasers are invasive and painful. But with Halo non-ablative treatments, you can enjoy dewy skin with light resurfacing. The best part is, you can show off your incredible skin in 0-24 hours following your treatment!

Halo Laser Consultations Available

How Does Halo Work?

Halo non-ablative treatment works by directing pulsating lights on irregular skin to remove blemishes such as large pores, textural problems, and uneven pigmentation. Treatments are generally quick, easy, and pain-free.

You can choose between light, medium, and aggressive wavelengths depending on the severity of your problem. The thermal heat from the laser stimulates collagen and elastin production under your skin to tighten up your skinTighter skin equals smaller pores.

What Results Will I See?

You’ll see results gradually throughout your treatment. Your pores will start appearing smaller over the next few weeks due to improved collagen regeneration from the laser. Some patients see immediate results after just one session, while others need one or two more sessions to meet their goal. If you need it, you can always do touch-up treatments to follow up your Halo treatment.

Is Halo Right for Me?

Halo laser treatments are safe and effective for all skin types, textures, and tones. Because Halo treatments are highly individualized, almost anyone can benefit from the non-invasive procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Cherly Geer will assess your concerns and customize the treatment according to your specific aesthetic goals.

Dr. Geer is a wonderful doctor. She takes such great care with her patients, is thoughtful and educational. I got the Halo laser facial and I keep getting compliments on how great my skin looks, that it’s glowing and bright. On average, people guess that I am five years younger than I am and I believe this facial has helped with that.

-MC, Happy Patient

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