Halo non-ablative laser treatments are a safe and effective solution for patients looking for a light resurfacing with minimal downtime. Pigmentation irregularities, textural problems, and enlarged pores can all be addressed with the minimally-invasive treatment. Halo treatments are comfortable and provide long-lasting results.

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How Does Halo Non-Ablative Work?

Halo non-ablative treatments have three unique settings to choose from (light, medium, and aggressive). The non-ablative wavelengths use thermal heat to tighten and stimulate collagen and elastin production beneath the surface of the skin. Halo produces a uniform treatment of the entire area with the help of advanced optimal navigation.

*Individual Results May Vary

Am I A Good Candidate for Halo Non-Ablative?

Halo laser treatments are safe and effective for most skin types. The procedure can be adjusted for a variety of conditions and can help you meet your aesthetic goals. If you’re bothered by mild to moderate sun damage, have visible signs of aging, or are unhappy with your overall complexion, Halo might be right for you.

Halo non-ablative treatments can benefit both men and women. The most common treatment areas include the face, neck, hands, and chest. However, the procedure can effectively be utilized throughout the surface of the body.

Treatment times will vary based on the area being treated and the condition being addressed. You can expect your procedure to last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. At the time of your initial consultation, Dr. Geer will help you plan for your Halo appointment.

Non-ablative laser treatments are virtually painless thanks to Halo’s Dynamic Thermal Optimization which keeps skin cool and comfy throughout the procedure.

Results from non-ablative resurfacing are gradual and progressive. Skin texture and pigmentation irregularities will fade over the course of several weeks. Continued improvement will occur for 3-6 months as increased levels of collagen are regenerated.

While some patients can achieve desired results with just one Halo session, others may need two or more treatments to meet their ultimate skincare goals. Touch-up treatments can safely be done as necessary to prolong the outcome of your initial procedures.

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Is There Any Downtime?*

The amount of downtime you’ll need varies based on the level of treatment you’ve chosen. Light ablative sessions require little to no downtime. With the medium or aggressive setting, you can expect to take a 24-hour recovery. After your appointment, your skin may be red and slightly puffy. These side effects should quickly dissipate and can be covered with a mineral-based makeup as needed.

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*Individual Results May Vary