What is P-Shot®?

The P-Shot® is the ideal solution for men who have lost sensitivity in their penis or are struggling with erectile dysfunction. The non-surgical procedure is uniquely designed to stimulate growth and improve sexual performance instantly, helping you reclaim confidence both in the bedroom and out. P-Shot® delivers long-lasting results that cannot be achieved with pills, creams, or other male enhancement procedures.

P-Shot® helps treat:

How does it work?

The P-Shot® uses Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) from your own blood to treat erectile dysfunction. Vital growth factors, platelets, and stem cells are directly deposited, promoting new cell growth and increased blood flow. P-Shot® rejuvenates the tissue in the penis resulting in dramatic improvements to your stamina as well as achieving longer lasting erections and stronger orgasms. While it is the solution for erectile dysfunction, it can also increase the size of the penis.

Benefits of a P-Shot® Treatment

Natural & Non-Surgical

The P-Shot® comprises Platelet Rich – Plasma referred to as PRP. PRP contains your platelets and plasma and therefore is very safe to use.

Improves Sexual Health

The P-Shot® treatment helps improve erectile dysfunction and overall sexual health.

Long-Lasting Results

The effects from the P-Shot® will last about a year, with some patients even seeing results lasting as long as two years. Many factors go into how long your results will last, and there are ways to extend the effects even longer.

Minimal Downtime

There is no need to take a break from routine (including sexual intercourse) after the P-Shot®. The injection site may feel tender for several hours after your treatment but will subside.

Improve Sex Drive and Sensitivity with Your Body's Own Natural Superpower

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an otherwise healthy male who feels your most sensitive and prized area could do with improvement? Are you looking to bring some spontaneity back into your intimacy? Are you unhappy with the way your penis looks? If you responded yes to any or all of these questions, then this procedure is for you! Your skilled physician will determine your candidacy further at your initial private consultation.

The procedure itself is short, with minimal discomfort. It involves the drawing of blood from the arm and then removing the super-charged platelets. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected with a very small needle into targeted areas of the penis to generate blood vessel, nerve, and tissue growth so you can get back to an active sex life.

Most men tolerate the procedure very well. Before the reinjection process, your physician will apply a topical numbing cream to minimize any discomfort.

The results include a multitude of benefits such as a larger, stronger penis with better erections.

Results can vary from person to person. We generally expect some of the fluid to be reabsorbed by the body over the next several days. Patients can achieve long-lasting male enhancement, with gradual growth occurring over the next several months. A research study by Dr. Runels showed that the average growth is ½ inch in length and ⅔ inches in girth per P-Shot®.

The growth of new tissue and blood vessels will continue to take place for upwards of three months or more. Maintenance treatments can safely and effectively be done as needed to prolong the outcome of your initial treatment and cause additional growth and improved function.

Dr. Geer recommends pelvic rest for 24 hours after the P-Shot®. The injection site may feel tender for several hours after your treatment. The majority of men find the benefits from the procedure to be well worth any minimal discomfort.

The longevity of P-Shot® results can vary, lasting up to 18 months for some men. However, to maintain a consistent level of sexual function and help prevent the return of unwanted ED symptoms as well as achieve continued growth, many men choose to undergo P-Shot® injections every 6 – 12 months.

Dr. Geer recommends 24 hours of pelvic rest.

Thinking of getting a shot in the genitals can sound very painful, but with a P-Shot®, this is not the case. We will apply a strong local anesthetic to the region where the shot will be done, making this a relatively painless experience. The only pain experienced might be the blood that has to be drawn to extract the PRP. It is the same as drawing blood for lab tests. After the procedure, most men don’t experience pain. There may be some bruising around the P-Shot® area, but rest assured that this disappears quickly.

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