Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming aesthetic procedure?

Pro-Nox™ – Take Comfort Into Your Own Hands

Pro-Nox™ is an entirely patient-controlled, pneumatically-driven analgesia system. The unique system is incredibly easy to use. Pro-Nox™ starts to take effect in seconds and allows you to effectively reduce pain and anxiety during in-office procedures. Best Self Medical Arts is one of the areas first and only practices to offer Pro-Nox™ for minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments.

Pronox Westlake Village

How Does Pro-Nox™ Work?

Pro-Nox™ is an inhaled mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. You’ll get immediate relief from pain and anxiety with this mild sedative. It can be used on its own or paired with a local anesthetic to control and manage your comfort levels on demand. Pro-Nox™ has been used in the medical industry for 15+ years and has no known adverse effects, making it one of the safest forms of sedation on the market.

Am I a Good Candidate for Pro-Nox™?

Everyone has a different comfort level. You may be a good candidate for Pro-Nox™ if you’re considering an aesthetic procedure but are worried about pain. The analgesia keeps you comfortable throughout treatment as well as relieving any anxiety you may be feeling. Pro-Nox™ is safe and effective for nearly anyone.

Consultations Are Available Now

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What Treatments Can Pro-Nox™ Be Used for?

Pro-Nox™ can be used alongside any in-office procedure. At Best Self Medical Arts, Dr. Cheryl Geer often recommends Pro-Nox™ for deeper laser treatments, such as the diVa or Halo Pro lasers. Pro-Nox™ takes effect in seconds and because it’s fully patient-administered, you can respond to your pain as needed. Pro-Nox™ is so fast-acting, you won’t need to show up to your appointment in advance.

What Results Will I See?

Physical discomfort is only a portion of the concern for many men and women when going into cosmetic procedures. While you may be excited to see the final outcome of your treatment, psychological stress is common. Take your comfort into your own hands and eliminate pre-procedural concerns with Pro-Nox™.

One of the best things about Pro-Nox™ is the ability to achieve more significant results from your treatment. Patients feel more comfortable during deeper ablative or resurfacing procedures allowing for more dramatic results in a single session. If desired, Pro-Nox can relieve anxiety and minimal pain or discomfort for even more mild procedures.

Is There Any Additional Downtime?

The amount of downtime you’ll need is entirely dependent on the procedure enlisted. There is no additional downtime with Pro-Nox™. In fact, the analgesia clears from your body within minutes. Unlike alternative methods of sedation, you’ll be fully cognisant by the time you leave the office. In most cases, you can even drive yourself home afterward.

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