What are the Benefits of Using Pronox?

Benefits of Using Pronox

When you’re unhappy with any aspect of your appearance, a range of cosmetic procedures can be used to boost your looks, confidence, and general quality of life. If feelings of anxiety ahead of the treatment are standing in your way of getting the help you deserve, Pronox is one of the best ways to settle the nerves for a transformation that is as comfortable as it is effective. Dr. Cheryl Geer can help you discover the benefits ahead of your appointment in Westlake Village.


What is Pronox?

Pronox, also known as Pro-NoxTM is a gas mixture that is made from 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. It is inhaled through a specialized system that delivers the impacts of light sedation within a matter of seconds. Having been used in practices coast-to-coast for over 15 years, Pronox is one of the safest relaxants on the market.

The pneumatically-driven analgesia system is controlled by you, the patient, allowing you to decide when a hit is required. The gas can alleviate both physical discomfort and mental worries. It can be used for virtually all in-office procedures while it is safe to use as a standalone pain-reducer or in conjunction with local anesthesia.

Pronox Benefits

Pronox is one of the best pain relief solutions available, carrying one of the highest patient satisfaction rates on the market. While it is primarily designed for advanced treatments, Best Self Medical Arts allows patients to use it for a wide range of minor cosmetic treatments due to its safety, reliability, and user-controlled properties.

Pronox Consultations Available

The inhaled Pronox solution additionally offers an extensive range of benefits over some of the alternatives, including but not limited to;

  • The gas mixture can deliver almost instant results, allowing patients to enjoy rapid responses throughout the process.
  • Pronox does not cause any lasting side effects and will not extend the recovery time from your treatment.
  • The mixture will combat anxiety as well as any physical discomfort experienced from the procedure in question.
  • Pronox is very affordable while all patients use a personal breathing tube attachment to ensure optimized safety.
  • The use of Pronox can allow Dr. Geer to complete more work in a session due to your increased sense of peace.

When preparing for treatment, the knowledge that you’ll have Pronox available to calm your nerves can lift a weight of stress from your shoulders ahead of the procedure too.

Am I a Candidate for Pronox?

Anybody undergoing treatments at Best Self Medical Arts can use Pronox to reduce their discomfort, anxiety, and pain. The self-controlled inhaler is safe for all patients to utilize before and during the treatment while Dr. Geer can show you how to use the system for optimal pain and anxiety relief throughout.

If you are already worrying about the treatment before you’ve arrived at Best Self Medical Arts or know that your pain tolerance is particularly low, Pronox relief is something that will make your appointment far less daunting.

“Dr. Geer is the best! She shows she really cares and takes her time to make sure all your questions and concerns have been answered. I would definitely recommend her.” * -AC, Happy Patient

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